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Our Products

STAR Battery is one of the leading power source in the field of stored Electrical Energy Solutions since 1997.

Unlike many others in the field, our priorities are utmost care in Quality Control at every stage of manufactruring and After Sales Service support.

Our Tubular Technology enables the batteries to deliver the real consistent reliable power.

Star Battery with jumbo container ensure high efficiency and a lower self-discharge rate which enhances back up time and also gives a high degree of reliability in the power back up requirements.

As our product range of Lead-Acid Batteries both in PP (White) containers and HR (Black) containers for connecting UPS, Invertors, Windmill, Telecom, Solar, Emergency Lighting, Alarm Systems, Satellite communications, Defence purpose & Hospital Applications of all types and capacities.

TUBULAR BATTERIES - Specifications
Type Volts Capacity in Ah. at 10Hr. rating
6 SNT 120 12 V 120 AH
6 SNT 100 12 V 100 AH
6 SNT 80 12 V 80 AH
6 SNT 60 12 V 60 AH
6 SNT 40 12 V 40 AH
JUMBO CONTAINER - Specifications
7 JUM 180 12 V 180 AH
7 JUM 150 12 V 150 AH
7 JUM 120 12 V 120 AH
7 JUM 100 12 V 100 AH



Our Product Features

  • Low maintenance
  • Longer life expectancy
  • High grade tubular positive plated & special alloy pasted negative plates
  • Micro porus aqua trap vent plugs
  • High corrosion resistant spine grids
  • Topping up required only 2 to 3 times a year
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